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We had the pleasure of pouring beer for the Dallas Beer Snobs beer dinner at Il Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum last night. It was a great moment, seeing our name on a beer menu for the first time. It was that “holy crap, that’s us” sort of feeling that musicians must get the first time they see their name on a marquee. We greatly appreciate all that were there to share the special moment.

But enough about that. What about the beer?

Last night’s libations were two fold. The first beer was a wit/saison hybrid, whereby we took two of our favorite Belgian styles and merged their best qualities into one unique beverage. Brewed with triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye), pilsner and honey malts, grapefruit peel, toasted coriander, candied ginger, chamomile flowers, and American hops, then fermented using our house Belgian yeast culture in a traditional ramping fermentation.

This lighter ale carried more hop character than most wits and has more of a spice presence than most saisons. While last night’s attempt was a bit rushed for perfection, the dialed in version will be nothing short of greatness.

Now, time to get funky!

The second beer we poured was an Old Ale that was brewed three years ago by our Head Brewer, Drew Huerter, and then soured using brettanomyces, giving it some out of this world depth and character. Brettanomyces, or Brett for short, is a type of yeast that adds a sour and funky flavor to beer, and while sometimes considered a contaminant, the funky flavors are appreciated and encouraged in some styles. This beer was brewed using 60 pounds of grain for an 8 gallon batch, which translates to about a pound of grain per pint of beer, and at 12% ABV, it was deceptively smooth. The beer’s caramel, chocolate, and dried fruit flavors lent themselves perfectly to Il Cane Rosso’s caramelized apple desert pizza, the Bella Mela.

Doubt this beer will make it to production all that often due to the rather arduous process that goest into its creation; however, when it does, you can sure bet we’ll be smiling!


John Reardon
Deep Ellum Brewing Co


  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you enjoyed! Looking forward to many more in the future!

  2. Clevon82 says:

    Okay soooo where are you guys located (deep ellum, I know but where?)? And how often do you have these events? Is there a mailing list? I NEED to be on it if there is… lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, yes, a mailing list… that’s next on the list. As for now, just
    follow our facebook. We’ll update once we have some tastings on the