Brewery Construction
Week One

Construction officially started on June 17. Here are some pics from the first few days of the process. I’m actually happy to report that these photos have become considerably outdated over the past few days. Our contractor, Tim Langston of Kobilt Construction (highly recommend), has been pushing his crew through nights and weekends to get the job done. We should be calling for our final inspection within the next week or two and then it’s just a matter of assembling the equipment, a process that should only take an additional couple of weeks to complete. (That, and waiting on our licensing, of course).

For everyone who has been wondering where we’ll be located, our address is 2821-2823 St Louis. It’s in the “deep end” of Deep Ellum, at the corner of Malcom X and St Louis. We recently bought the building and will be sharing space with Slocum Printing. They’re great people doing great work and we’re excited to have them as our neighbor.

Stay tuned.

John Reardon

2 Responses to Brewery Construction

  1. Lucas Logston says:

    Very glad to hear everything is going according to plan.  I can not wait to come by and check the place out.  I just got out of the army, was in for 7 years.  I am visiting in Thailand right now, wife is from there and were having a giant wedding there.  What I would love to know is when you start hiring.  Brewing is my passion and I would love to work for Deep Ellum Brewing Co. my email is lucas.logston@gmail:disqus .com.  Please let me know, and thanks for your time.  Cheers!!!

  2. Week one for the brewery construction seems to be in good shape. Everything was placed accordingly. Judging by the photos, it’s certain that the construction will be a success.