The Brewhouse Has Arrived!

Our brew house was scheduled to arrive this past Monday. As of the Friday prior, the driver had confirmed it was on time and he’d be there bright and early Monday morning. Then came Monday. Everyone from the founders, contractor, and subcontractors were on site to prep the building for delivery. We were frantically moving dumpsters, clearing the dock, and freeing up space to get the equipment inside. Then came our commercial moving company.

They brought the heavy artillery and were prepared to make short work of a seemingly impossible task. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I received a call from dispatch in Canada saying that our equipment was currently in Amarillo and would be there “soon.” Leave it to Canadians to think the drive from Amarillo to Dallas is a quick one.  I guess when you live in a land as vast as the Big C, it can even make Texas look small. Unfortunately, we had to pack it all up and our wait on the brew house continued.

We plopped down our first deposit on this equipment back in October so what’s another day, I guess. The good news, however, is the delay actually worked to our favor as the movers agreed to take shipment at their yard, giving us a few more weeks to prep the slap, set the drains, and seal the concrete. Now we’ll be able to move it right into it’s final resting place sometime in the next few weeks.

Drew was on site to inspect the equipment at delivery. Everything looked good and he was able to snap a few pics for our viewing pleasure. For now, the wait on the big and shiny continues, but luckily, it won’t be long.


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