Up until a few days ago, it was actually illegal for us to answer that question. But thanks to a recent federal lawsuit, a judge has deemed it unconstitutional and therefore invalid under the current TABC code. So here is our current list of where you can enjoy a DEBC beer (not necessarily an ale anymore in Texas). You can read more about the lawsuit from the brewery who took on the state here.

Supporting all things local…

Anvil Pub

The Bone

Cane Rosso

Common Table


Holy Grail Pub

Katy Trail Icehouse



Trinity Hall Irish Pub

Twisted Root (Deep Ellum)

Twisted Root (Plano – shops at Legacy)

Twisted Root (Arlington)

Want a keg for your home kegerator…

Kegs & Barrels (Plano)

Spirits Liquor (our neighbors in Deep Ellum)

We will be adding several more accounts in the coming days/weeks/months. Please check back soon.

Until then,

Cheers and beers,



  1. Awesome list – any chance you can expand on which styles are available at each location? Also, are there any plans to add a Hefeweizen to the lineup?

  2. Tony R says:

    I work for a hotel very near by – wanting to know if you’ll work with a major distributor or Finntech?

  3. John Reardon says:

    We’re exploring all options. We’re ramping up our in-house distribution and may keep our self-distribution rights, at least within the metroplex. Give me a call 2) 542-0648 or shoot me an email at john (at) deepellumbrewing (dot) com and we can discuss in more depth. Thank you for the interest!

  4. David says:

    if you have to ask, this really isn’t the beer for you.

  5. David says:

    Well at least Arlington is on that list… but will Fort Worth ever be on DEBC’s mind? :)

  6. Robert@The Bone says:

    If the price of the beer is the issue then DEBC is not the choice, if the quality of the beverage is your issue the DEBC makes a wicked beer

  7. Barbara O'Dell says:

    We have a twisted root in Richardson, how about it?

  8. Angrytod says:

    The Angry Dog has had DEBC beers on tap for a couple of weeks now, please stop by and grab a pint.

  9. Voiceguy says:

    Just did the Tour & bus yesterday – awesome!!!  I am VERY impressed with your DEBC IPA!!!  Can anyone tell me when & where will be the first places to serve the IPA?  Thanks!