It’s hard to believe that exactly a year ago was our first event. We were still “home brewers” without tanks or a building. The first Brew-B-Q event was held thanks to our neighbor Mokah Coffee, and this year we are able to host it ourselves in our new Beer Garden. Mama Faye’s BBQ will be catering and you get the dinner, some glassware, and complimentary beer for just $20. All of our current beers will be on tap and The O’s will be jamming away. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Oak Cliff’s BrewRiot Homebrew competition began in 2009 as a way to celebrate the art of brewing the world’s most famous beverage. Since that time, the event has brought together some of the region’s best and brightest hopmasters in an exciting outdoor street festival environment with live music, food, games, and more. Deep Ellum Brewing participated for the first time in 2011 and is coming back for a few more rounds this year!

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Deep Ellum Brewing Company Expansion Plan

This Sunday marks four months from when our first keg hit the market. Maybe it had something to do with the good 11/11/11 omen or maybe, just maybe, we had some clue what we’d been preaching for the last few years. Dallas is not a dumbed down beer market. There’s a strong presence of beer folk who are highly invested in seeing our craft beer community succeed, and succeeding it is.

I’m not certain of the current tally, but it’s my guess that we have somewhere close to 10 breweries in planning around the metroplex. That’s pretty awesome. It’s a constant question of whether or not we are worried by the coming influx of breweries, and while I understand people’s reasoning to ask, the answer is always a resounding no. Unlike other industries in this world, we are working towards a common goal – to educate the consumer that choice exists in the beer world – and a better choice at that. I am a bad beer convert – a corporate bitch, who was stuck in the autonomous habit of grabbing the cheapest sixer on my way to the checkout. And while I used to argue which piss water was better than the other, I now find myself enjoying a promiscuous beer lifestyle – one that involves cheating on even my own brewery, so long as the choice is about quality, craft, and local.

I welcome the new breweries (spoken like some seasoned veteran, which I’m clearly not). Nope, I’m just a cowboy, holding on to the rollercoaster, just trying to keep up. I’m okay with that. But the demand in the market is sometimes not so forgiving. We need more breweries to help even the load. In other words, we can not supply what this market can drink – probably not today, tomorrow, or at any foreseeable point in the future. Pardon my french, but it’s a big fucking market. And what we’re doing, as a community of craft beer lovers, is working. People are wising up to the “triple hopped, and drinkability” bullshit. What used to be about marketing and price is now about quality and flavor – it’s a tipping point, and one that is firmly here to stay.

I say all this, as a ramble of such, to inform you that we are expanding. We have doubled our keg float, doubled our fermenters, and have acquired a small bottling line to help get us on down the road. It’s an aggressive move, I agree, but a necessary one if we have any chance of maintaining a (somewhat) consistent supply. We’re also just about to begin construction on our beer garden, which will take the place of our busted concrete and razor wired warehouse yard. It’s a bright future for Dallas craft beer. And one that I’m proud to be a part.

I will say this, however, expansions are expensive. And we could use some help. So if you have some money, and want to give it to us, give me a call. And there’s the rub.

Keep drinking local.


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Drew Huerter strikes again and Dreamcrusher has landed. In his own words, he describes the hop bill as borderline reckless. Although it’s a whopping 100+ IBU’s, the balance on this beer is unparalleled for a, dare we say, sessionable 9.7% Double Rye IPA (warning: session at your own risk). Here, Drew describes the Dreamcrusher brewing process in depth:

Hops: Summit, Apollo, Palisade, Liberty, Columbus

First Wort Hops: Summit
FWH is a process claimed by Pilsner brewers and infuses the brew with not only bitterness but aroma and flavor, as well, by steeping the hops in the wort during collection, while the brew is brought to a boil and throughout that boil.

Kettle hops: Palisade, Apollo & Liberty
Added a little after halfway through the boil these hops contribute some bitterness and a good dose of hop flavor. Most brewers favor an addition at exactly halfway through the boil, our timing emphasizes the flavor and aroma aspect.

Whirlpool hops: Apollo, Summit & Columbus
Whirlpooling takes place after the boil and is the time to add what most brewers consider to be their aromatic addition. Adding hops in the whirpool also contributes some bitterness and a good dose of hop flavor.

Hop Back: Columbus, Palisade, Liberty
Use of a hop back has been historically claimed by brewers in the UK, but has found use in several times and locales. Hopping in this manner creates a hop aroma which cannot be recreated in any other way. The hot wort is passed over and through whole cone hops just before being quickly chilled. This fast infusion, done at cooler temperatures (195dF) retains precious volatile hop compounds, and the heat effectively strips oils and changes them in a way that no combination of dry hopping and whirlpool hops can replicate.

Dry Hops: Apollo, Columbus, Liberty
Hops are added to the beer at the end of fermentation. Contributes fresh hop aroma.

Double Dry Hops: Apollo, Palisade, Liberty
After the first round of dry hops are removed, we dry hop the beer again!

On hop varieties:

Apollo – Quite new American hop variety with a very high alpha acid and oil content. Piney, earthy & intense tropical fruit.
Summit – Newer super high alpha hop with excellent oil characteristics. Intense pine & tangerine.
Columbus – One of the original monster hops, very high alphas and oils. Dank, pine, grapefruit.
Palisade – Higher alpha descendant of Tettnang. Very floral and slightly earthy, good general citrus. Like a floral Centennial.
Liberty – Hallertau Mittelfreuh triploid offspring. Spicy, floral, delicate.




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A “brand” is more than a logo.  It’s an extension of you – you’re heart, your spirit, your sweat, your tears.  The hard work that goes into every part of what you do for a living.

DEBC’s “brand” was born out of passion for beer, a deep rooted connection to Deep Ellum and the city of Dallas, and the unconventional guerilla way of making and distributing beer.  It’s not just one idea, it’s a combination of souls coming together for a common purpose.

To realize our “brand” we work with a creative team that has shown a desire to learn who we are and become an extension of the family.  They realize our internal visions in graphical ways we just can’t touch, and they deserve recognition for turning our brand into something visceral for all to enjoy.  That extension of us is a company called Caliber Creative located just down the street from the brewery between us and Fair Park.

Caliber Creative also entered their work for DEBC into the Dallas Addy awards this year and won the GOLD ADDY in the Branding Category!

Here are some examples of Caliber’s work for Deep Ellum Brewing Company:

DEBC Branding Page 1 - by Caliber Creative for Deep Ellum Brewing Company, all rights reserved DEBC Branding Page 2 - by Caliber Creative for Deep Ellum Brewing Company, all rights reserved

DEBC Branding Page 3 - by Caliber Creative for Deep Ellum Brewing Company, all rights reserved DEBC Branding Page 4 - by Caliber Creative for Deep Ellum Brewing Company, all rights reserved

Great job Caliber Creative!

Caliber Creative at the Dallas Addys 2012

Caliber Creative at the Dallas Addys 2012

Caliber Creative at the Dallas Addys 2012

Caliber Creative at the Dallas Addys 2012

What ADDY GOLD looks like!  Great job Caliber Creative!

What ADDY GOLD looks like! Great job Caliber Creative!

Thank you Brandon, Max, Bret, Erin, Justin and Catie – you guys paint who we are on a daily basis.

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Some observant fans have noticed our penchant for the off-beat grain, rye. While all beers are composed of some combination of barley, wheat, corn, rice, oats and rye (not necessarily in that order, and at least for the cereal portion of any mash, that is) rye is generally considered to be the most difficult to brew with, due its biology and, therefore, chemical composition. However, at DEBC, we welcome a challenge and are willing to do things the hard way, as long as the beer is better, which is our highest priority, hell, it’s a calling.
Rye is hardy grain, suitable for growth in soil which many of the tastiest mutations of grass (grains) would wither and perish and in climates far too chilly for even the hardiest corn, rice and wheat. It is one of the few ingredients we’re willing to take from as far away as the Great White North (Canada).
Bringing us to ‘Why?’ why bring in a rather exotic grain which is so difficult to brew with? In a word: flavor. We love the spicy flavor, full bodied texture and dry finish wrought by this rustic and hardy cereal.
As the head brewer for Deep Ellum Brewing Company I find that when used appropriately and within the proper context that rye can compliment almost any style. We use this to our advantage in styles as diverse as: Pilsner, Imperial Stout, Belgian-style Tripel and Double IPA. Even to a lesser extent, rye finds service in our Double Brown Stout, American Barleywine-style Ale and others.
As with all our ingredients and recipes, rye is used to achieve a precise and delicate balance between malt derived flavors, hops, yeast derived fermentation characteristics, adjuncts and matrix effects resulting from interactions between the constituent components.

In the future we’ll also explore the exploits triticale, a hybrid of rye and wheat, in our Wit-type offering and other TBA projects, and break down some ingredients and techniques that help make our brewery tick.

Cheers and beers,

Drew Huerter
Head Brewer -DEBC


Posted By Drew Huerter (Head Brewer)
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DEBC Rye Pils Launch!

It’s a special day.  A day that highlights a certain hidden class of rodents with an unusual propensity to predict weather… a few weeks at a time, and only once a year, but – hey – I couldn’t do better.  Not based on my shadow, at least.

Groundhog Day.  A special day and one to be celebrated nationally.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company is proud to partner with Strangeways Dallas to launch our brand new Rye Pils on Thursday, February 2, 2012.  Most people probably already have big Groundhog Day parties planned, of course, but now you can save your house from planning and cleaning and bring your party down to Strangeways on Fitzhugh.

And, who will be in attendance?  Well, Punxsutawney Pils will be in attendance.  And Deep Ellum Brewing Company will have six – yes 6! – beers on tap that night.  That’s our entire current lineup, so if there’s a beer of ours you haven’t tried, come on out.  If Punxsutawney Pils sees his shadow….

We’d appreciate it if you RSVP on our Facebook page just to get a good idea of what arrangements we need to make for parking, but even if you don’t do the Facebook thing, come on out for the best Groundhog Day event this side of Pennsylvania

Drink the Deep!

  • – Backslider Blonde
  • – Deep Ellum IPA
  • – Double Brown Stout (oatmeal baltic porter)
  • – Festivus (dry-hopped black ale)
  • – Darkest Hour (rye imperial stout)
  • – Rye Pils


Read more about our beers here.

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Double Rye IPA

Just took a reading on Dreamcrusher – 9.4% ABV after just 8 days in the tank. This beer is shaping up very, very nicely.

A quantum leap beyond our IPA, with rye, of course.

It’s no secret, at DEBC, we’re fond of hops. Citrusy, piney, floral and fruity hops are at least a third of the reason we got ourselves into this whole adventure. Hops may be the current ruler of the craft beer scene, and we, for one, welcome our resinous, spicy, bitter overlords. We’ve taken the IPA category to its Event Horizon, and pulled back just enough to see the edge. Get the big picture, it’s hoppy!

Style: Double Rye India Pale Ale
Hops: Summit, Columbus, Apollo, Liberty and more!
Malts: Pale Ale, Rye, Vienna, Honey
Yeast: English Ale
Other: Raw Cane Sugar
Packages: 50L, 1/6th bbl

Posted By John Reardon (Owner)
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World's Most Awesome Delivery Driver

Deep Ellum Brewing Company ( has an immediate need for a delivery driver to deliver our beers in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  We are specifically seeking a self-starter with a start-up business mindset that has an existing knowledge-base of the craft beer industry, can easily move full kegs and knows the DFW metroplex well.  This is more than an 8-5 job – it’s a way of life.

  • * Safe driving record in the state of Texas
  • * Texas commercial driver’s license (Class A or Class B)
  • * Craft Beer knowledge
  • * DFW road network knowledge
  • * Deep Ellum Brewing Company mindset and drive
  • * On Call position – number of hours vary depending on needs on any particular day
  • * Ability to lift, load, unload and move products weighing up to 165 pounds
  • * Ability to safely operate job-related equipment (hand truck, pallet jack, etc)
  • * Experience with various tap lines and keg couplers is a plus


Our beer delivery driver is a part of the family and an extension of our brand, so customer service skills are highly valued in this position which we expect to grow in conjunction with our brewery growth.  The primary responsibilities include:

  • * Delivering beer on a varying schedule to DEBC customers across DFW
  • * Build relationships with retailers
  • * Track and complete inventory paperwork
  • * Clean beer lines and couple kegs at establishments

To apply, please send resume and related information to with the subject line:  Delivery Driver Application.

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We will be launching our highly coveted Deep Ellum IPA in conjunction with World of Beer – Arlington‘s Grand Opening on Saturday (January 14). We will have a tour of the brewery with beer tastings from 4pm – 6pm with 2 DFW area food trucks in attendance. After the tasting tour, we’ll load up some double-decker buses and go over to the World of Beer in Arlington for their grand opening where we will officially debut our new Deep Ellum IPA.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company Tour, Saturday 1/14/12 4pm-6pm, 2821 St Louis St, Dallas TX 75226,

*Brewery tour includes a Deep Ellum Brewing Company glass and complimentary tastings of Deep Ellum IPA, Backslider Blonde, Double Brown Stout, Festivus and Darkest Hour.

*Two food trucks will be present at the tour from 4-6pm: The Bacon Wagon (Ft Worth) serving their normal menu plus a special batch of Deep Ellum IPA Bacon Chili, and Easy Slider.

*Buses leave DEBC at 6pm to World of Beer for the official launch of Deep Ellum IPA in perfect (beer) harmony with the WoB Grand Opening event

*All bus riders will receive a Deep Ellum t-shirt and enjoy general merriment

*Buses return at 10pm. Taxis will be available at the brewery for those that need them (always drink responsibly!)

*The whole tour is $30 (and $5 of each ticket sold goes to St Judes). For those wishing to only do the brewery tour (and not go on the bus to World of Beer), it is $8 per person from 4pm-6pm and included the tour but not a t-shirt. And who doesn’t want a t-shirt?

World’s Most Awesome Tour tickets are limited (due to bus space) so we’re selling tickets online at:

Our year round ode to the Pacific Northwest Hop

At DEBC, we like hops, but we like American hops most of all. Here we use some of our absolute favorites. However, they might not be used like you may expect, by using varieties with high alpha acid contents (which means more potential for bitterness) and using them in ways that emphasize the flavor and aroma we can render a rather bitter ale with over the top tropical fruit, citrus, pine, floral and more hop derived aroma and flavor.

Style: American-style India Pale Ale
Hops: Citra, Amarillo, Chinook, Palisade and Summit
Malts: Pale Ale, Vienna, Honey and White Wheat
Yeast: English Ale
Packages: 50L, 1/6th bbl



Posted By John Reardon (Owner)
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